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In February 2006, two of New Jersey’s top luxury ground transportation services, Santos Limousine Service, Inc and VIP Limousine Service, Inc., merged into what is now known as Santos VIP, LLC. The owners have over 27 years of experience combined serving the luxury transportation needs of weddings, corporate and group travel.

Our ever growing fleet incorporates super stretch limousines, mega stretch SUVs, Limo Coach Party Buses and Classic/Exotic sedans that serve the entire tri-state area including Eastern Pennsylvania. After 27 successful years, our goals are still clear: to always provide our ever growing clientele with the newest, most state-of-the-art, meticulously clean, and reliable limousines with consistent on time service at the most competitive rates. It is our belief that these core values and other little extras can make all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary service.

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Santos is by far the best limo company in the area. Words cannot even express how amazing their customer service is and how accommodating they are. I got married in over two feet of snow in one of the worst blizzards in NJ history, and I only was able to do it because of Santos. They literally saved my wedding. I knew Santos was special from when I first talked to Courtney on the phone. She was so helpful and friendly and professional. I booked a Rolls and a party bus, and when I asked what would happen if we did get snow, they said they would just send a different car of equal or higher value instead of the Rolls. Perfect, because we ended up getting two feet of snow!

The days before the wedding I called Santos to see what their plan was given the terrible blizzard in the forecast. Paul, one of the owners, talked to me directly, assuring me that they would be there no matter what happened with the snow. Since we needed to get to church from the hotel for the ceremony, this was a huge relief. Paul even gave me his personal cell phone number in case I needed him. He called me the morning of the wedding, and the snow was terrible. At this point none of my family could drive to church, so I asked Paul if he could send two party buses. The buses showed up nice and early, picked up all my friends and family at the hotel, and even picked up my priest at his house (he was stuck and couldn’t get out) and brought us all to church in the awful snow. My driver Steve fluffed up my dress and opened the church doors for me to walk down the aisle since the church staff didn’t show up. Then they drove us back safely to the hotel for the reception.

I wouldn’t have been able to get married that day if it weren’t for Santos. This is an amazing group of people who are extremely dedicated to their clients. It is clear how passionate they are about their business- the owners, the staff, and the drivers are all top notch. A HUGE thank you to Santos VIP!!”

Santos was at almost every bridal show we’d gone to, and their prices were pretty reasonable so we decided to check them out. Our bridal party was 10 adults 2 children and we opted for a 14 passenger MKT. Two of our guys are bigger so we all just fit perfectly, I would maybe recommend going bigger if you’ve got bigger groomsmen. Our driver was so friendly, I wish I remembered his name! He showed up early to each location and made it a stress free process, the limo was clean and beautiful, I thought a champagne toast was included but we didn’t get one, I didn’t realize it till later and didn’t mind cause it always seems pretty awkward to me anyway, but there was a bottle in the limo which we shared with the whole bridal party. Our driver also helped inside the church to open and close the doors in the back before my entrance. (this is something you don’t think about till the rehearsal so make sure you ask your driver if no one is going to be back there!) Overall Great service, great quality, and great price!!”

From the moment we went to look at the cars prior to booking we were sold. The cars were all so clean. Also the staff was very knowledgeable in helping us figuring out the size we needed for the wedding. They were on time the day of the wedding and both drivers we had were very helpful. We couldn’t have asked for a better vendor.”

Santos VIP Limo was amazing!! Their drivers were early, professional, and knew exactly what to do. My driver even re-arranged the train of my dress and made me laugh before I went down the aisle so that I wasn’t happy-crying in photos! I’d definitely recommend them to other brides–it was great to have an extra set of people who were familiar both with the local area and with weddings. Definitely no stress with this crew!”

“You know you have a good limo company when everyone in the bridal party has ranted and raved about them. I (the bride) was BLOWN AWAY by this company. When the driver helps you with your dress, you know they go above and beyond for their clients. I was walking outside to get into the car (we got the Bentley for the bride and groom) and someone grabbed my train and said “here give me your flowers I will hold them”. I turned and said I’m sorry who are you? and the response was, I’m your limo driver. My jaw hit the ground at this point and I believe I even said out loud who ever had a limo driver that was more like a bridal attendant. When I tell you they helped me into the car, wrapped my veil (it was a VERY LONG veil) around my arm for me, you name it they did it when it came to helping me. The girls has the Chrysler 300 limo and the boys had the Lincoln Navigator. Both limos were beautiful and spot less. Their drivers were amazing as well. I have used limo companies many times in the past and most drivers are grumpy and hate their lives or they are unreliable. Not Santos drivers!!!! I have had horrible luck with limo companies and I’m so glad I used Santos for my wedding. I would use them again and would HIGHLY recommend them for ANY bride and groom, and I have already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Santos for making this part of the wedding stress free!!!!”

“I would highly recommend Santos VIP for your limo needs! I used them for my Wedding in October, and I couldn’t be happier with the services and experience I had! Santos was very prompt when inquiring about quotes, and answering any questions that I had. They arrived on time, and had absolutely no issues traveling to or from the reception and the church. Coming from a family who seems to be cursed with Limo companies not saying or providing what they say they will, I was SOO happy that Santos exceeded my expectations on my big day. The drivers were very professional and helpful, advising me exactly how to get into the Rolls Royce with my dress, helping me in and out of the car, helping to advise my bridesmaids on creating a “wall” so the congregation couldn’t see me in my dress through the glass doors to the church….truly excellent service!! Thank you Santos!”

“We had the white escalade, it was really nice! It looked brand new, it was clean and stocked! Our limo driver was Rich (I believe that was his name), he was amazing! As soon as he showed up at my mom’s house he was helping me. He held my train for me when I was walking to the limo, he held my bouquet for me when I was getting in, he even asked if any of us needed anything. When we got to the church, again he helped me out of the limo and then held my train while I went up the stairs to the church. When it was time for me to walk down the aisle, he held the church doors open for my mom and I. Even when we went to the park for pictures, we held my train while we walked to the different locations. He went above and beyond for us and I definitely recommend this company.”

“We wanted our cars to make a strong statement and they certainly did! We opted for the 2011 Rolls Royce Phantom (one of only two in NJ) and the Infinity Q80 SUV stretch. Both cars were spotlessly clean and the drivers were beyond professional. Price was definitely one the more expensive ones in the area but we absolutely got what we paid for.”

“What do you get when you combine amazing service, competitive rates and beautiful cars?! Santos Limo! My husband was very adamant about wanting the rolls Royce phantom – so we booked this beautiful car, and let me tell you – thank goodness we got this car!! my dress was huge! so If we got anything smaller, I would have never made it to the altar! we rented a 14 passenger SUV limo, a huge party bus and of course our phantom. each car came 10-15 minutes early, which really put us at ease! every drive was respectful and oh so helpful on our big day! since my dress was so big, I needed help getting in and out of the limo… each driver walked me in and out of the car to wherever we needed to go. each driver was so professional and patient, and funny!! which of course, is exactly what you need when your nerves are at an all time high! the cars were pristine, beautiful and clean! drivers were dressed accordingly – ready with champagne after we left the church to say I DO! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else but VIP limo!I wouldn’t have been able to get married that day if it weren’t for Santos. This is an amazing group of people who are extremely dedicated to their clients. It is clear how passionate they are about their business- the owners, the staff, and the drivers are all top notch. A HUGE thank you to Santos VIP!!”

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